Office Partitioning

Create an elegant and stylish office environment with frameless glass partitioning.


Need to take control of your stock? Talk to us today about a shelving solution to meet your needs.

Changing Rooms

Specialist manufacturer and installer a cloakroom benches, bench seating, wall shelves and clothing racks for a variety of industries throughout the UK.

Industrial Partitions

Need to create a space within a space? Industrial partitioning is the ideal cost effective solution.

Pallet Racking

From Drive In and Narrow Aisle to Carlton Flow and Cantilever, Office IS Projects have the experience and know how to deliver a solution to meet your needs.

Mobile Shelving

This is a very cost effective way to maximise your storage capacity whilst freeing up space for other uses.
We have the capability and expertise to handle almost any type or size of project you may have, from small office partition modifications / a few bays of shelving, to complete design, management, installation and refurbishment of offices, warehouses, factories, trade / retail outlets or leisure facilities worth in excess of £300,000.

OfficeIS Projects are fully committed to providing you with the best possible service - best prices - and best products at all times.
We will evaluate your requirements, research our extensive supplier / product database and make recommendations based on the 'best fit' for your requirements and budget.

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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors
We have designed, supplied and installed hundreds of mezzanine floors over the years, many of them are storage platforms for extra storage space with shelving or racking above / below in warehouses, stockrooms and factories, or office platforms to provide extra office space in an existing warehouse when the client needs to expand their business but does not want the hassle and cost of relocating.
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Warehouse Pallet Racking

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Warehouse Pallet Racking Installation, experts in;

| Narrow Aisle Racking | Double Deep Pallet Racking | Push Back Racking | Drive-in Racking | Carton Flow Racking
    We have enormous experience of designing, specifying and fitting of warehouse pallet racking, so Whether you require Link 51 pallet racking installers or any other manufacturers racking installed such as Apex, Dexion, Linvar, SSI Schaefer...
    Please give us a call as we will be happy to assist you.
    Cloakroom Benches

    Cloakroom Benches
    OfficeIS Projects has designed and installed cloakroom benches, bench seating, wall shelves and clothing racks in hundreds of different changing facilities including leisure centres, sports clubs, golf clubs, swimming pools, schools, hospitals, the emergency services, village halls, and industrial / commercial changing rooms in big businesses, factories, cleanrooms and offices.
    Why not ask us to assist you with your cloakroom benches or changing room design and provide a free quotation now?
    Retail & Trade Counters

    Retail & Trade Counters
    Retail and Trade Counters can be designed and manufactured to suit virtually any application or budget, basically if you can think of it we can probably make it!
    We can help you to design, supply and install retail counters and trade counters.
    We have also designed display cases made from all glass or a mix of timber and glass, till counters, display units, special boxes to conceal pipes or meters and end display panels for shop shelving or to walls and partitioning runs.
    Showrooms | Receptions | Retails Units | Trade Counters

    Industrial Partitioning

    Industrial Partitioning

    Steel Industrial Partitioning Systems

    Industrial partitioning forms an integral part of any warehouse, factory or production area, providing a simple and cost effective way to divide up large areas, create work rooms, labs, cleanrooms, quality control areas and secure product segregation or testing facilities.

    Because industrial partitions are made of metal / steel they can be stacked on top of each other to take the walls up to the roof of your building if required to provide increased security, reduced sound transfer (not on mesh or single skin obviously) and privacy.

    Mobile shelving

    Mobile shelving
    We are very experienced designers and installers of Mobile shelving / racking (or rolling racks / roller racking as they are sometimes called) which is a very cost effective way to maximise your storage capacity whilst freeing up space for other uses in offices, warehouses, stock rooms, factories, hospitals / medical practices, archive and document storage centres etc.

    Most of the mobile storage systems we have deigned and built are used for archive storage or medical records and range in size from eight to ten bays of shelving, to an entire industrial unit which contained 26.5 miles of shelf space (no this is not a typo) with some 450+ bays of shelving being mounted on mobile bases.

    Office partitioning

    Office partitioning
    "Office partitioning" is a very broad term used to describe ranges of part height, full height, fixed or movable walls used to form rooms and divisions within your office environment to create versatile, stylish and functional office spaces.

    As well as room dividers, modular and demountable partitioning can also be used to create entirely new rooms in larger open plan spaces whilst enabling flexibility should you ever need to change the wall partitioning layouts.
    We have a vast range of office partitioning systems to choose from, including modular aluminium framed partitions with decorated honeycomb plasterboard panel inserts, stud and track with sound insulation to the void and decorated plasterboard panels, frameless glass partitioning bespoke to suit your offices, or folding / sliding wall partitioning.
    Shelving Installation

    Shelving Installation
    OfficeIS Projects can design and build a variety of shelving solutions to meet your needs. Use the left hand navigation, or the links below, to get a better understanding of the types of shelving we've installed. If however you have a specific shelving manufacturers system in mind just let us know as we can supply most shelving makes including Apex, Dexion, Linvar, Metalrax, SSI Schaefer etc.
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